Grading Report: Black Bruin Style

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Midterms and essays are not the only things UCLA fashion connoisseurs and sneakerheads are focused on this fall. With a number of different trends flourishing in the Black Bruin community, class is now in session as young kings and queens make bold fashion statements that symbolize their Afrikan culture, continue to excel academically and look fresh while doing it!

Freshman have been taking notes on the fashion trends on campus, and doing research to find out the best way to combine their individuality and identity so that their attire puts them in a different class.

Drew Wood-Palmer, first year neuroscience major, expressed that, “a lot of girls are expanding their tennis shoe game and I’m all for it.” She said that she has observed particular shoe brands like New Balances, Adidas, and Nike are a heavy trend on campus.

Wood-Palmer sets herself apart from the rest by demonstrating her versatility, switching it up from menswear one day to a dress or a skirt the next. “My fashion choices directly reflect how I identify with my black culture because a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from friends or celebrities that I can identify with,” says Wood-Palmer.

Students were not reserved when giving extra credit to the hair trends on campus. DaMonte Jones, a first year, undeclared Life Science major articulated his strong approval of Black hairstyles at UCLA. “Everyone seems to be going natural,” exclaimed Jones.


Photo via Damonte Jones

“It’s dope to see everyone embrace whom they are. Whether it be a man-bun or just curly hair, everyone is expressing themselves.”

Jones, native of Vallejo, CA, says that his own style has a lot of Bay Area influence, illustrating his culture through the incorporation of a fresh haircut or hat, a wide range of different brands, and color coordination.

First year Film and Television major Lynzie Glover added that black women are wearing a lot of crochet braids styles.

According to Glover, individuality is a major part of how Black fashion is graded on campus. “There’s always something distinct that people can distinguish about me. Whether it’s my natural hair, my scooter, my amethyst crystal around my neck, my purple lipstick, or whatever new thing I add to my look,” Glover asserted.

Photo by Lynzie Glover

Photo by Lynzie Glover


Many others are anticipating picking up fashionable items this fall and winter that will keep them ahead of the curve. Michael Perrilliat, a first year transfer and Political Science major says he is “getting more into designer clothes,” but is still looking to pick up a pair of the “Aqua” Air Jordan 8s, the “CP3” Air Jordan 13s, and the “Moonrock” Adidas Yeezy 360 Boosts to add credit to his shoe transcript.

Ladies have expressed a major attraction to Rihanna’s Puma “Creepers” collection. One being Jordyn Davis-Scott, a first year undeclared Humanities major and serious sneaker collector, who says that she is also looking forward to picking up another pair of Comme Des Garcon’s collaboration with Chuck Taylors, some of 10 DEEP’s “Chaos Delivery” 2015 fall collection, and a Supreme hoody.

And finally, thick sweaters, UUG and Timberland boots, green army jackets, and infinity scarves will be fashion trends that will welcome in the cold weather of winter.

You can expect to see Black Bruins passing with flying colors this year﹣on report cards and in the campus fashion department.

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