A Response to White Student Union

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We promote, protect, and serve the broad cultural, educational, and professional interests of students of Afrikan descent at UCLA as well as in the greater Afrikan community.


You PROMOTE micro-aggressions

You PROTECT yourselves from knowing about your privilege

You SERVE a people who are already satisfied while most of us get the scraps you waste.

That is not a Union


Opportunities? Please.

You have the whole world in your hands, playing catch with it

But when we try to join

The game is suddenly changed.

Monkey in the Middle is what its called.

Where we are the monkeys reaching for what is purposefully thrown over our heads.


You say your race is important too

But you refuse to acknowledge the privilege your race has

You say all lives matter

But you are out here killing lives

Our bodies

Our opinions

Our voice


What we do is not out of spite for you

It is out of spite for the oppression

We can’t take it no more!


“We not anti-white, we anti-oppression”

and with this I Seale my response.


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