Black Bruin Elected to NWWN Council

Mignon Combs Campus, News

Black Bruin Christian Green was elected Thursday to the North Westwood Neighborhood Council. Green, former President of the Black Graduate Student Association, recently graduated with a Masters in African American Studies. He serves as an At Large Representative on the NWWNC for a two-year term.

When asked about goals for NWWNC, Green commented, “My hopes with the NWWNC is to help give a voice to the voiceless and the marginalized communities that continue to make Westwood thrive. We will hold our city officials accountable when it comes to affordable housing and homeless initiatives Essentially, there is a need for a diversified set of new restaurants, businesses, and a more lively nightlife. Westwood was quoted to be once the hot spot of Los Angeles, and we intend to make Westwood what it once was, but even better.”

The NWWNC is supposed to connect the community and the city, as its bylaws indicate. Green’s election by the community demonstrates both the strength of his involvement and the importance of his presence on the council over the next two years.