Hi everyone! My name is Mia Brumfield and I am excited to be this year’s NOMMO Newsmagazine Editor in Chief. I am a third year English and Pre-Psychology double major and have worked in many different leadership capacities on and around the UCLA campus. This year I’m striving to build upon the NOMMO legacy by producing the quality content it is known for while also broadening its reach and impact in the community through social media. As UCLA continues to grapple with its stance on the issue of diversity, NOMMO will be a place where students will be able to have their voices heard and engage in discussions that are specifically tailored to their needs. With the recent increase of the campus Black student population from 2% to 5%, NOMMO understands that we must celebrate the accomplishments made to date but that we still have a long way to go. As we embark on our journey we encourage you to get involved. Whether that is by joining staff, occasionally contributing or just reading us everyday there are numerous ways to support our efforts. Join us as we work to affect change on the UCLA campus and at large through the “Power of the Word.”


  1. Rasheed Shabazz

    Jessica Rayside is an awesome leader for Nommo Magazine and UCLA is fortunate to have her committed leadership.

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