Dose of Dopeness is the premier space for culture and lifestyle. In this section, readers can find an abundance of articles on a wide variety of subjects. Everything from the latest style trend, to living a healthy life style, to original works of poetry and spoken word can be found in this section. Below is a more in-depth look at the sub-categories to be featured in the section.

Think Healthy: As the title suggests, this category is all about health, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Physical health articles will relate to fitness, healthy eating, and overall health as it relates to the Afrikan American community. Spiritual health articles will relate to personal growth and development. Emotional health articles will focus on inspiration and lessons learned, which will help provide readers with insight and wisdom.

Chocolate Couture: This section will be devoted to all things fashion. Curious about the latest trends taking over campus and the black community at large, this is the place to read all about it. Whether it is about reminiscent styles we wish would come back or the popularity of combat boots, Chocolate Couture will have it all. This section will also feature advice and ideas on topics such as event-appropriate attire, how to accessorize, and what really makes a perfect outfit of the day or #ootd as Instagram so affectionately calls it. And of course, what would a fashion section be without commentary? Make sure to check this section regularly to read our staff’s opinion on trends and figures in pop culture.

Black Care: This section will focus primarily on both health and personal care as it relates to the Black community. In some aspects, this section may overlap with our Think Healthy section, but this aspect of Dope of Dopeness will focus more so on topics like skin, hair care and overall hygiene. Examples of topics to be posted here are natural hair, how to manage black hair, skin and facial regiments as well as spotlights on a variety of natural products that can either be purchased or made in your own home. Stay tuned to read about our staff’s opinion on various topics.

Real Talk: This is NOMMO’s “real” section. And when we say real, we mean it. Human relationships and contact are integral to who we are as people and it is time to have a real approach when talking about topics that have a big influence in our lives. Nothing will be sugarcoated in this section. Topics to be discussed will be based on relationships, both sexual and platonic, friendships, relationships with family and community, and most importantly, relationships with the self. We will strive to facilitate a solid foundation for yourself in order to avoid repeating patterns that harm our relationships. It is our hope that by talking about these topics, readers can start to be real with themselves, and in doing so, build strong relationships within the black community.

Rhymes and Verses: This is NOMMO’s music and poetry section. Readers can expect to read pieces varying from music reviews, throwbacks, ideal playlists and reports on what is going on in the music industry. In addition, this will be NOMMO’s poetic outlet. Readers can look forward to reading poems dealing with a wide array of topics, from struggle to upliftment, heartache to lovesick, as well as taking an artistic approach to community and the never ending political agendas and their effects on Afrikan Americans.

The Lunch Room: This section showcases Black-owned restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Are you hungry, and want to support your own? Come to the LunchRoom for names, menu types, locations and reviews of our closest restaurants.



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