Poem: Darker Than Blue

We people, who are darker than blue

The evil man has evil plans to eliminate me and you!

we people, who are darker than blue

the evil man has evil plans to do evil things to us two

Target bright Black women is what they do,

break the connection between you two!

To break the connection between woman and man!

Pay HER more money so SHE wears the pants .

Give her a good job so she can be close to them!

THAT is where THE big problem begins,

eight hours a day and sometimes more

his TRUE desire to make her his whore.

The attemps at seduction never stop!

They use every trick they got,

gifts, concerts, business trips expense accounts, flowers, theater tickets.

Anything that they can do

to keep HER mind off of YOU.

WHAT they do Next is destroy OUR good name.

For our contritions we get no little money no fame.

Media images flashed world wide,

depicting us as barely civilized.

Now that the WORLD has adopted that view,

They feel free to disrespect me and you.

Since money is the power medium,

we can access only the MINIMUM.

He who has the gold, plays by his own rules.

We are kept away from all these tools.

They put all these limits in our lives, causing problems

between men, and potential wives.

Black women make more money than Black men!

They don’t want a man who makes less money than them!

Women are seduced by the material world!

They are trained to shop from the time they are little girls. They are taught to select THEIR men…

Based on the money HE can spend on them!

For the Black man, this causes big problems!


I don’t know if we can solve them!

Since Black women get the best paying jobs,

when it comes to men, they have become Snobs!

When a woman makes more than you do,

they really don’t have time for you.

When they arrive at the work place,

They seldom see a Black male face.

Corporate America is about White men,

all the money and power lies with them!

money and power = respect.

Things that Black men seldom get.

Women  really do not care why

all they want to do is buy.

If you can not pay her bills,

She will find somebody who will.

White men can pick up the tab

just to impress you with what they have.

In that atmosphere… Everyday

Black men kept away,

Corporate life has a profound effect

on the way bright Black women select

What’s a sista gonna do

When it’s time to choose her BOO?

Will she choose one who is darker than BLUE?