Decenter Men. They’re ruining your friendships.

Leilani Fu’Qua Lifestyle, Opinion

Do your friends only ever talk about what new man is in their direct messages? Are you the friend that only shares about her (straight) relationship or romantic encounters with men? You could be a victim of male identification, and you ARE entitled to financial compensation.  Male identification is the act of placing men above women, including yourself, in various …

‘Heaux Tales’ As Told By Jazmine Sullivan

Allison Scott News

We truly do not deserve Jazmine Sullivan. After a six-year hiatus, she released her EP, ‘Heaux Tales,’ to start 2021 the correct way. It’s a collection of eight songs side-by-side, showcasing real “tales” of sex, money, and discourses in relationships women in her life have had. The tales and songs together act as a call and response. While embracing all of these principles, Jazmine reminds us of the roots of R&B. She gives us gospel but make it nasty (via Twitter .)

Evolution of Party Culture (Post-COVID)

Kamea Taylor Campus, Lifestyle, Opinion

Picture this: It’s a Thirsty Thursday, nearing ten o’clock at night, and you and your friends are making your way through Westwood looking for the location of the party invitation sent out that afternoon. Dressed in biker shorts, crop tops, and party sneakers, you and your crew are prepared for what the night brings. Before the pandemic, I wouldn’t think …

Thick Thighs Kills Confidence

Kamea Taylor Culture, Opinion

Society’s body ideals have critiqued Black women of all body types for generations. Ever since I was a young Black girl, I struggled for years with my weight, obsessed over thick thighs and a flat belly, and always thought of ways that I could lose weight. And though society’s projections have shifted to more of a fascination and appraisals for …

Natural Hair vs. Zoom Calls

Hannah Masresha Culture, Lifestyle

Never in a million years could we imagine a plausible scenario of attending lectures ten minutes after waking up. Thanks to online school, an unexpected freedom of comfortability was gifted to all students. While many students despise online school, it is hard to argue against the fact that they are effortless to attend. Yet, while Zoom calls have their perks, …

Grapevine Podcast Special Feature: Conversations on LGBTQ+ Media & “Slag Wars” Premiere Commentary

Leilani Fu’Qua Archive, Arts & Entertainment, Culture, Lifestyle, World

This week’s podcast features Nommo staff members, Leilani Fu’Qua and Foluke Salami, and special student guests, Jack Angel and Sarah Isen, as they dive into queer representation in television and provide juicy commentary on the “Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer” premiere. “Slag Wars” is a new reality TV style competition where internet personalities and adult film actresses Rebecca Moore and …

Payless in a Pandemic

Leilani Fu’Qua News

Student employees from the Community Programs Office (CPO) of UCLA took to Twitter on the evening of October 26th to express disdain and share their concerns about the lack of compensation they received since September 15th. The Community Programs Office prides itself on creating a safe environment for marginalized student communities through various programs, events, and mentorship networks. One of …