USAC General Rep 3 speaks COVID-19: What’s to Come for UCLA Students

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Brandon Broukhim is a fourth year political science major, who serves as General Representative 3 on the USAC board. There are fifteen council members who represent students to the administration, and his position is of 1 of 3 students general members. I met him through the communications board, where he served as the News Magazine representative. Broukhim has been an …

The Problem with Cancel Culture

Mahala Herron News

Sensitivity is a plague on my generation. Read how. Written by Mahala Herron, Edited by Lola Rice, Designed by Rafi Saqer, and Photos by Sareeta Young.

The Fight for a COLA at UCLA Gains More Traction

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Photo from @UCLA4COLA Instagram Emotions were riding high the morning of March 5th as the graduate-student fight for a cost of living adjustment (aka COLA) reached new heights during a rally held on Janss Steps. Over 500 graduates, undergraduates, faculty, and allies took part in a UC-wide walkout to protest the administration’s refusal to pay graduate students a living wage. …

It’s Always Black History Month

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It’s the end of Black History Month. English teachers will conclude their reading of To Kill a Mockingbird (1960), History teachers have finished their 4-week retelling of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and Hoteps are done reminding everyone that cheating on Coretta was justifiable given MLK’s time away from home during the Civil Rights Movement. But what about the other 337 …

Dating While Black

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As February reaches an end and we enter the spring quarter,  I’ve noticed that too many Black bruins struggle with cultivating healthy relationships.   Parental expectations, stereotypes pressuring black couples to have “that Jada and that Will love,” and influential traumas are all factors that contribute to the decline of hopeful, flourishing relationships. In response, I’ve compiled a list of general …

Nommo Celebrates 50 years of History

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The James West Alumni Center was the site of joyous celebration for the Nommo News Magazine community. On November 22nd, a diverse group of students and faculty graced the room to celebrate the prestigious history of the first cultural publication at a primarily white institution (PWI). Nommo, meaning the Power of Word in Swahilli, perfectly encapsulates what the student writers …

Some words over coffee with Jordan Hawkins

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This post has been edited for clarity. D: How long have you been doing music? Do you remember when you wrote your first song? J: It’s been a long time. I grew up singing in the church. I picked up piano, then guitar. I started writing around 12 years old. D: Who’d you grow up listening to? J: Erykah Badu, …