Decenter Men. They’re ruining your friendships.

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Do your friends only ever talk about what new man is in their direct messages? Are you the friend that only shares about her (straight) relationship or romantic encounters with men? You could be a victim of male identification, and you ARE entitled to financial compensation.  Male identification is the act of placing men above women, including yourself, in various …

Payless in a Pandemic

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Student employees from the Community Programs Office (CPO) of UCLA took to Twitter on the evening of October 26th to express disdain and share their concerns about the lack of compensation they received since September 15th. The Community Programs Office prides itself on creating a safe environment for marginalized student communities through various programs, events, and mentorship networks. One of …

Today in America

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The day is July 17, 2014. One week later the Ebola virus will claim its first American life. But today is a warm, summer afternoon in New York City. Today, an African-American father of six named Eric Garner will be murdered by New York Police Department officers. His last words, “I can’t breathe,” will be printed across newspaper headlines, social …


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Let me preface this with the statement that acne is completely normal. However, European and mainstream beauty standards play a major role in how people view themselves with acne, how they see and treat others, and the impact the treatment of acne, especially in minority groups. As a multiracial Black woman, my personal experience with acne has been a less …

Bernie Sanders Suspended His Campaign; Now What?

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On Wednesday April 8, 2020, Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he was suspending his campaign, following the controversial Wisconsin primaries. Sanders served as a beacon of progressive change and anti-establishment for many people of color and youth voters during these precarious times. Needless to say, his results in the democratic primaries have not been ideal for his campaign, which ultimately …

USAC General Rep 3 speaks COVID-19: What’s to Come for UCLA Students

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Brandon Broukhim is a fourth year political science major, who serves as General Representative 3 on the USAC board. There are fifteen council members who represent students to the administration, and his position is of 1 of 3 students general members. I met him through the communications board, where he served as the News Magazine representative. Broukhim has been an …

The Problem with Cancel Culture

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Sensitivity is a plague on my generation. Read how. Written by Mahala Herron, Edited by Lola Rice, Designed by Rafi Saqer, and Photos by Sareeta Young.

The Fight for a COLA at UCLA Gains More Traction

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Photo from @UCLA4COLA Instagram Emotions were riding high the morning of March 5th as the graduate-student fight for a cost of living adjustment (aka COLA) reached new heights during a rally held on Janss Steps. Over 500 graduates, undergraduates, faculty, and allies took part in a UC-wide walkout to protest the administration’s refusal to pay graduate students a living wage. …