Who Are We?

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When asked who we are, as writers, creators, photographers, organizers, lovers, and members of this community, we turn back to you and say, “We are but your mere reflections”.

This is a love letter to the pan-Afrikan Diasporic community that we serve.

Thank you, for believing in us, for reading our work, for critiquing and building and grieving with us. Our writing is nothing without you and your perspectives. We have released our first physical magazine of the school year, the Fall ’23 print of NOMMO, the 55th Anniversary Edition of the legacies we humbly attempt to carry, but one thing has become overwhelmingly clear in this process, without your perspectives, without the diverse presence of the Afrikan mind within our pages, our magazine will cease to hold its meaning. So, we thank you for trusting us to share your perspectives, to honor you, to challenge you, to reflect you on our pages. We hope to be given the opportunity to share more of your stories in our magazine in the nearest of futures.

Until then, know that you are so deeply loved and appreciated by us all. Keep shining, keep expanding, keep growing, and building the world in which our future generations will live. We love you all dearly.

All Power to the People,

NOMMO Newsmagazine Team

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