Generational Curses II

In Arts & Entertainment, Black History, Culture, Poetry by Nicole Crawford

sacred minds can see and think in tune with the frequency that is the universe 

that is our ancestors 

that is you

that is I(eye)

and you, my dear, are of the most divine, that mind so sublime that even when you find yourself at a loss you know you are right on time… exactly where you are 

lean into the magic that is the silver line between betrayal of one’s first perceptions and freedom, that inner knowing that allows you to be in your fullest form not because you want to be but because you are aware that all of what we know is a lie, that we are still in captivity even if you like to “think” otherwise 

it is in this shared consciousness that we heal what’s unspoken  

“there is truth in your vision, it is ok to see all that you see” is what a wise man once told me 

and I believe this to be true about you and i  

however, as we hold these truths we have a great responsibility to not only build upon them and create new realities but to sit in the discomfort that it is to know that you too are responsible for this moment, here and now 

i know that the grief and loss we share are not enough to move you because you require honesty, a mirror to see that what you have lost is not another but a part of yourself, your friend, your neighbor, your elders, and the children who carry this knowledge forth into the future 

and the problem is that we always feel like we have more time to get it right but never enough for presence, and I do not blame you

they convince you that the time you have is limited and that because you are running out you must use it wisely, on things that matter…

feeding your family first and then yourself, and then those shoes and an eighth because we might as well be high if we’re in hell…

and a drink too because you deserve it, but never enjoy it for too long because you do have work in the morning and bills to pay and something will come up 

and you must be on your best behavior if you want to treat yourself again next week(end) 

and so the cycle repeats

until you realize that the time they claim you are losing was already taken from you when they stripped you of your connections to the soils that brought you into existence and made you into the being whose heart aches in this sea of loss and destruction because we have indeed drifted so far from home, that at times it seems we may never return 

but know that this here, this presence, cannot be taken from you 

and in this serenity, we find clarity, peace, strength, and the light that guides us back home again and again

the time you lost is recovered in the history that lives inside of you

so look closely in the mirrors that surround you, into the heartbeat of this community

know you are indeed home and give thanks that these curses are broken with your power alone 

but know that this power comes from the love that surrounds you 

so let it surround you as we build our way back home