Generational Curses I

In Arts & Entertainment, Black History, Culture, Poetry by Nicole Crawford

our elders outlive our youths

and we are left infatuated first, 

then desensitized 

to the menticide that is to see your own death replayed on big screens, on tvs, in these streets…

because when one dies, the way in which we continue cannot be the same, it is not life 

and all of this is survived just for them to tell you to move so they can wash the blood away 

this is just one way in which they pollute your mind, erase your dreams, and tear down your sky 

if you open your eyes, you now see that this game of life and death is only played for the entertainment of those who keep you in line 

because my love, that “prize” could never be yours even if your name was engraved upon it

so now you know how to die before you have learned to live 

and if accepted you are unable to recognize yourself, when you have helped an enemy, when you’ve murdered a friend… 

because there is no silver lining here, not for us; just tragedy 

and the cycle repeats… 

however, this is not an end, because it cannot be 

so the next time you want to lie down or turn your eyes 

remember that acceptance is suicide and we cannot afford to die 

not now at least 

in these times 

when our elders outlive our youths 

understand their attempts to erase you 

because even if in disbelief, you know deep down that you deserve to grow old, to live long enough to dream