Black Excellence Game: UCLA v ASU (WBB)

In Campus, Sports by Krystal Tome

The Bruins made a comeback on February 5th, 2023 in a WBB game against Arizona State University. After three losses, two on the road and one at home, the Bruins won against Arizona State with a 19-point lead (82-63).

With this game being recognized as the “Black Excellence Game,” it was interesting to see what took place in order to honor Black History Month. The Pac-12 Conference created a video highlighting Black athletes in the conference and what Black History Month means to them, which was nice to see Kiki Rice (#1) and Charisma Osborne (#20) be a part of. Also, the UCLA Women’s Basketball team created a video with some of their Black players – including Camryn Brown (#35), Charisma Osborne (#20), and Christeen Iwuala (#5) – where they shared about Black Excellence and what Black History Month means to them. Coach Cori Close also expressed her gratitude and appreciation for Black women and their contributions to Women’s Basketball in general, as well as the Black women on UCLA’s team. 

During this game, Iwuala really let her talent shine. She assisted one of Charisma Osborne’s three-pointers as well as a layup and three-pointer by Gabriela Jaquez (#23). All of this along with her four personal points led up to a total of 12 points in her 15 minute run. 

Londynn Jones (#3) was one of the top scorers of the day with 20 points; highlights include a 66% shooting accuracy for four three-pointers and making 100% of her free throws (6-6). Charisma Osborne (#20) also made major contributions with 23 points. She made four three-pointers and 100% of her free throws (5-5). Gabriela Jaquez (#23) brought 14 points to the scoreboard, making 60% of her shots, including two three-pointers. 

On Thursday February 23, 2023, the Afrikan Student Union held a “Black Bruins Mobbin’” event to support UCLA Women’s Basketball and Drum Major Deborah Gallego, creating a call to action for Black Bruins to come to the game against Washington State. Efforts like these are appreciated to create a larger support network for women’s sports. Now, (March 1st-5th) the Bruins are playing in the Pac-12 tournament in Vegas! Make sure to tune in to cheer on our Women’s Basketball team!