Forest Whitaker is Starting Anew

Brian Griffith Archive

Photo by Stephen Poff via Flickr

Forest Whitaker is no stranger in taking on complex characters. However, he is trying his luck in a different way; he is undertaking the role of Erie Smith.

For those unfamiliar with the character of Erie Smith, he comes from the one-act play called “Hughie” written by Eugene O’Neill. In the play, Erie Smith is a small-time gambler and a big-time drinker.

Whitaker is new to the world of Broadway. Even more interesting, his debut has to deal with a character that has been never been played by a Black man. This comes after the wave of #OscarSoWhite, so Whitaker has much to live up to. He comes on the heels of many different White actors playing the role of Erie Smith. While this may be new to Whitaker, I have the upmost confidence in his abilities to bring this character, Erie Smith, to life on Broadway.