Grapevine Podcast Special Feature: Conversations on LGBTQ+ Media & “Slag Wars” Premiere Commentary

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This week’s podcast features Nommo staff members, Leilani Fu’Qua and Foluke Salami, and special student guests, Jack Angel and Sarah Isen, as they dive into queer representation in television and provide juicy commentary on the “Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer” premiere. “Slag Wars” is a new reality TV style competition where internet personalities and adult film actresses Rebecca Moore and Sophie Anderson scout the British countryside for the next queer adult film sensation. This podcast episode discusses Black representation in LGBTQ+ media, the unique approach Moore and Anderson took to reality TV, and building a brand and following from viral internet content. Tune in to our podcast here!

*This content is for mature audiences only.*

**Content Warning: sex, use of profanity**