Sometimes I Cry, Sometimes I Smile

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Artist: Ashley Joseph/ Nommo Staff


I cry

And sometimes,

I smile



It’s been awhile

Since I’ve cried

But it’d be a lie

If I told you

I never crack a smile


And as

the moon rises

the night falls deep

and so do I,

falling uneasily to sleep

settling in dreams

That bring

 visions to my eyes

Forcing me to realize

That I am crying


Inside of

Emotions unwept


Sometimes I cry


I am not perfect

I lie and I sin

But in the end

I am worth it

The Lord gives me purpose

To refurbish

My mistakes

Retain everything at stake

God always operates

For my own sake


So I smile


I am strong

I am weak

I triumph over victory

I handle defeat

I am brought down to my knees

I am lifted as high as the seven seas


And all

I have

Are the feelings

That creates the expressions

Which give the meanings

To my overall spiritual being


With the intention to love

My mind, body, and soul are

Powered from a God above


This is daily living for me

But, still

And endlessly,


I cry,

And sometimes,

I smile


 Author: Ashley Joseph

Nommo Staff