3 Tips to Eliminate Hair Envy: For New Naturalistas

Natural Hair. Source: Essence Magazine

Natural Hair. Source: Essence Magazine

       Making the decision to embark on the natural hair journey is a major one. As you embark upon this new chapter of your life, you will encounter various resources that will claim to give you the beautiful long and curly hair you have always wanted. However, many women experience “hair envy” during the early periods of their natural hair journey. Hair envy is when one does not embrace his or her own natural hair texture and instead pines for the curl or kink of another Naturalista. If not contained, hair envy makes the decision to go natural seem like the worst decision you have ever made.  Do not base the realities and expectations of your unique hair on those of others. Here are three tips to help you treat your hair envy and embrace the curls you are in.

1. Learn to Love Your Texture

Every woman has been blessed with a different hair texture. The way our hair behaves is a result of many factors, including genetics, diet, and personal schedule. In order to truly love and embrace natural hair, you must first come to peace with your own texture.  Learning to love your texture does not happen overnight. Take the first step and accept your texture. Acceptance will help you become one with your hair and lead you to develop a distinct love for your locks.

2. Seek Advice From Women With Similar Hair Textures

In this age of technology, access to information is as easy as saying the alphabets. However, this can be problematic for individuals suffering from hair envy as they search for styles and products to try on their unique hair. Seek advice and tips from women with a similar textures as your hair. Watching a YouTube video from a Naturalista with curly waves while your own hair consist of kinky coils will do nothing to improve your image of yourself.  It will only feed your frustrations. Instead, seek videos and blogs produced by women who can relate to what you are experiencing.

3. Focus on Hair Health

The natural movement is more than a method to grow hair to great lengths. Instead of wishing you had the hair texture of your favorite natural hair “vlogger” (video blogger),change your mindset and focus on getting your hair healthy. When you change your priorities to giving your own hair the tender loving care it deserves, you will find yourself not only accepting your texture, but also discovering what styles and products work best for you. This will ultimately prompt you to eventually embrace your crowning glory. Also, realize that naturalistas who have the long luscious locks you desperately want, have them as a results of years of hard work to ensure that their hair is at its healthiest. Length comes with health.

Author: Mia Brumfield

Nommo Staff