The Cajun Flavors of Bayou Grille

The Bayou Grille

The Bayou Grille

The promise of flavorfully seasoned food, an easygoing atmosphere, and genuine hospitality await anyone who visits Bayou Grille, a New Orleans themed Cajun restaurant.

Located on the corner of La Brea and 64th Place, this Black-owned restaurant has been thriving since its opening on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of 1999.

Initially interested in being solely an investor in the restaurant, current owner Michael Smith and his two partners opened up this establishment using another Cajun restaurant as inspiration.

After the partners set out to open up a second Bayou Grille, Smith remained at the corner of La Brea and 64th, tending to the flourishing business.

Grilled fish/ Nommo

Low calorie plate: Grilled fish

Since founding the restaurant, Smith has continuously developed the business and has found ways to increase the restaurant’s appeal. For instance, Bayou Grille now serves salmon and offers succulent grilled fish as a healthier alternative for customers.

The shrimp and oyster po’boy and gumbo stand out as two of the most popular dishes at this restaurant. However, Smith noted that popularity does vary among the age groups. He expressed that with the younger crowds, hot wings and chicken strips rank high in popularity.

Although there are restaurant favorites, Bayou Grille has a vast number of other New Orleans dishes in which to indulge, including jambalaya, red beans and rice, etouffee, and a selection of fish, shrimp and oysters. Depending on the meal one selects, an entrée will often come with a side of buttered French bread and/or a side of generously seasoned Cajun fries. The restaurant also offers a variety of other sides and a collection of desserts including the classic New Orleans pastry, the beignet.

These appetizing dishes are also available in platters and trays for catering convenience.

Inside the Bayou Grille, where a continuous flow of R&B music fills the rooms, great meals and service can be expected. All restaurants do not exude a feeling of comfort and familiarity, but this establishment does so with ease. It is the type of restaurant where the owner is quick to come from behind the counter to assist customers in their meal choices, as Smith did during my visit.

With friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere, and food that could never disappoint, a trip to Bayou Grille is one that will not be regretted.


Cajun style fish, french fries, and French bread

Cajun style fish, french fries, and French bread



1400 N. La Brea Ave

Inglewood, CA 90302

(310) 673-0824



Monday – Thursday: 11am to 8pm

Friday – Saturday: 11am to 9pm

Sunday: Noon to 6pm


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Author: Colleen King

Nommo Staff