You Better WERK!

Confidence is today’s latest fashion trend and almost everyone owns it. However, only the best dressed can wear it with the most stylish elegance and the perfect attitude. It is the most important accessory to any outfit, and you won’t find it at your local shopping mall or your nearest thrift store. The only way you’ll find it is if you WERK for it. Not work, werk!

Artist: Ashley Joseph/ Nommo Staff

Artist: Ashley Joseph/ Nommo Staff

Werk is a slang term derived from the word “work.” However, the term “werk” has a slightly different connotation. Today, “werk” is used by many people in the entertainment industry such as fashion models and professional dancers as another way of saying “break a leg.” However, you or a friend may have used this word in a sentence such as “you better werk.” You better werk is simply a motivating way of telling a person to execute any given situation with a confident demeanor.

But why the “e”?  Many people are confused about how the letter “e’” derived and what it actually stands for. However, the letter “e” in werk means to execute. To werk is simply to execute and perform at one’s greatest ability no matter what the situation. Going to werk is a mentality or state of being where you must exhibit your confident traits, and almost everybody has them. It takes more than to just say you are confident. It is about showing that you can  go beyond your comfort zone and market yourself as an extraordinary person with an exceeding personality.

Have you ever woke up one day feeling extra confident about yourself? You can’t seem to get out of the mirror because you are in admiration of what you see. Most likely, you’re probably one of the people who meticulously takes their  time trying to find the right outfit or hairstyle for the day. Confidence can give you so much understanding about yourself as a person. It is what sets you apart from individuals who desperately need a care package of it. Therefore, it is best that you define yourself based on your greatest qualities and stop comparing yourself to others and what you see on television.

Owning your confidence is important for your self-esteem and future successes. With that being said, it is vital that you can get in touch with that confident side; the one you always seem to find in your mirror or maybe even in a “selfie.” It helps you to build character that will help you pursue your dreams or any obstacle that you may find to be difficult. We’ve all met somebody who exuded the greatest confidence any person has ever seen. Well, that person was at “werk” and you probably didn’t even know it. Your confidence will be one of your largest assets. Therefore, it is important that you wear your confidence as one of the fanciest, fashionable pieces you own.

So as the hip hop artist Drake would recite in his latest single “Own it, it’s yours!”

Author: Ashley Joseph

Nommo Staff