5 Reasons to Drink Cranberry Juice

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For a while now cranberry juice has been known to have beneficial health properties. Cranberries are a good source of vitamin C and are rich in antioxidants. In order to retrieve the full benefits from cranberry juice consumption, it is important to drink the right kind. Many cranberry juices are sweetened in some way to make it more palatable due to its tartness. You want the cranberry juice that does not have a lot of additives and is in a more pure form. Because the juice can be tart, diluting a cup with water can make the juice more enjoyable for some.


Some of the ways cranberry juice can improve your health:


1. Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

UTI’s result when a certain microorganism exceeds normal levels in the urinary tract. Cranberries contain the compound proanthocyanidins that provides anti-clinging properties preventing the microorganism from sticking to the urinary tract and potentially building up.


2. Prevents the build-up of Plaque

Cranberry juice has the ability to stop the growth of the bacteria that causes plaque. So drinking regular amounts of the juice can increase your oral hygiene.


3. Maintains Healthy Weight

Cranberry juice is very acidic, and these acids help break down fat deposits in the body. So if you’re trying to get to maintain or lose weight, cranberry juice may help.


4. Increases Cardiovascular Health

Cranberry juice has been shown to decrease the risk of heart related diseases and can help in maintaining a healthy heart. For instance, the flavonoids in cranberries can decrease the risk of atherosclerosis, a disease where build-up occurs in the arteries.


5: Prevents Cancer

It’s been suggested that cranberry juice also has antitumor properties. It’s consumption increases salicylic aid in the body, which can inhibit the development and spread of cancer cells. Salicylic acid can also decrease swelling and prevent blood clots.


By doing something as simple as making cranberry juice a regular part of your diet you can easily decrease your likelihood of disease and better different aspects of your health.


Author: Colleen King

Nommo Staff


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