Simply Wholesome: Eat & Feel Good

Simply Wholesome Restaurant Front

Simply Wholesome Restaurant Front

Behind the doors of Simply Wholesome lies not only the opportunity to indulge in a selection of healthful foods and beverages, but also a chance to partake in the unique atmosphere that has been created by owner, and UCLA alumni, Purcell Keeling.

Since 1984, Simply Wholesome has made its home on the corner of Slauson Avenue and Overhill Drive. The establishment, comprised of both a restaurant and a health food store, has continued to flourish since its opening almost 30 years ago.The health store, connected directly to the restaurant, houses healthy food, beverages, natural hair care products, and several other items that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Today, after years of mixing and matching items on his menu, Keeling serves a variety of desirable dishes at his restaurant. The food selection includes burgers, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, salads, chicken and Caribbean dishes. This list does not even include the extensive breakfast menu, dessert selections, or the numerous specialty shakes and smoothies. When asked what his most popular dish is, Keeling was hard pressed to decide because he said, “everything moves.” However, when making the tough decision, he expressed that the spinach and chicken patties are well liked. They allow an individual to have a quick, cheap and nutritious meal.

Chicken Nachos

Chicken Nachos

As a Black business owner that knows the struggles that accompany it, Keeling has continued to support other Black-owned businesses. He has 73 Black business partnerships across the U.S. and carries their collection of products in Simply Wholesome. In addition, he has helped to launch “Mixed Chicks,” and “Kinky Curly,” two hair care product lines. Keeling noted that often times, large corporations do not give Black people the opportunities to put their products out, and the position he holds allows him to change that for some people. He called Simply Wholesome an “incubator” for a lot of small businesses, and his partnership with these different markets allows a recycling of money back into Black communities.

Simply Wholesome Health Food Store

Simply Wholesome Health Food Store

Keeling described Simply Wholesome as becoming a destination location for many individuals in hope that people will drive from all over to visit his restaurant and health store. He welcomes all types of people.

Nevertheless at Simply Wholesome, customers are the given option to enjoy food without sacrificing their health. Why not eat good and feel good?

Find out more information on Simply Wholesome below and make sure to support Black-owned businesses:



4508 W Slauson Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90043

Phone: (323) 294-2144 or

(323) 294-2145



Monday – Saturday

(Store) 8:00AM to 10:00PM

(Restaurant) 8:30AM to 10:00PM



10:00AM to 9:00PM


Author: Colleen King

Nommo Staff