Poem: Alien Spirit

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All the Creator has to do is say be

and it is.

who am I to dispute with you?

But my truth is just as true to me

as yours is to you.

Do you really want to know

what it’s like

to walk the earth in my shoes.

I lived amongst you

who are mostly ignored.

People who just do their job

and have time for littile more .

I am an alien Spirit sent to earth

My purpose to see it for what it’s worth

I was sent to observe

and live with you.

that WAS complicated

and difficult to do.

There are so many problems

tormenting Mother earth

The Creator cannot

allow it to get any worse

earth is not in harmony

with the universe.

It is time to remove

Satan’s curse.

Human beings are controlled

by aritocratic men.

Who are all under the control

of what is known as SATAN

HUMANS are separated


The level of your melanin

determines where you fit in.

A rhyme circulated

by the most melanated ones

explains the attitude of everyone.

If u WHITE…! u ALLright

if you yellow… u mellow

if you brown… stick around

if u red… u dead

If u black… get way back

The most melanated

are treated worse.

Everywhere you go

on earth

the dark people do not live well

it seems like they are cursed.

I walked among them

with melanted skin.

And I found it quite difficult to fit in…

I was not treated very well at all.

On earth highly melanated humans

always take the fall

It turned out that the problem

was the darkness of my skin.

Dark people are despised

even by those who look like them!

The lighter you are

the better you live

it is really just as simple as that.

There are some exceptions

but in general terms, this is a solid fact..

What a SHAME

The melanated humans

don’t know their proper place.

It seems they have no knowledge

that they are the super race.

White man controls them

like they do their pets.

They seem to be under some sort of spell

that I have not figured out yet.

They are the sleeping giants

of the earth.

But have no idea

of their true worth.

Without them

the house of cards would fall.

their ancestors

were the foundation for it all

There is a disasterous diconnect

between them, and GOD DIRECT.

They have no knowledge of MELANIN



but there no understanding

Whites rule all people of color.

And they divide them all by shade

give them all different religions

whose doctrines are seldom obeyed

The religious groups do not connect

they are split into sects

Then they divide by class…

and each set on different paths.

Worship of God is replaced by money…

Pursuit of things is what consumes… everybody…!

Mass Media Controls their Idle time

and sublimially pollutes their minds.

Satanic influence everywhere.

The irony is

they don’t know it’s there

Human Beings are like lost sheep

and their story does not end