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Photo cred. Malek Abdul- Mansour

Why is the Black one crazy?

The rich and powerful treat us like dirt.

They said we were not human,

we were beast of burden to do their work.

Why is the black one crazy?

You made us your slave,

300 hundred years.

We work for no money

from the cradle to the grave.


They brain washed us

so we don’t see their scheme!

They Christianized us

and made themselves supreme.

They enslaved us

our labor made them rich.

They tried to destroy us.

They really treated us like shit.

The British, Spanish, French, and Portuguese

had a master plan.

The mid 1400’s

is when it all began.

These monarchs!… And the pope

conspired to conquer every land

and dominate and control

every colored man.

They sponsored expeditions.

Rationalized the enslavement of blacks.

The pope at the time sited scripture

to legitimize their inhumane acts.


Why is the black one crazy?

White man made us this way.

The scars from the evil of slavery

still exists today.


They took black people out of Africa;

shipped us everywhere

to do the work that created wealth

that only the Masters shared.

They try do destroy us

by corrupting our soul.

The truth about slavery

has Yet to be told.


For the Black woman,

life was a Nightmare.

Psychologically destroyed men TOO!

Can’t protect your women

from what the evil the masters do.

Forced to work in places of pleasure;

The Black woman’s love was better than gold.

All it took was just one look

and that body was easily sold.

Genetic engineering,

breading like cats and dogs.

Forced, intimate encounters

with master or Boss Hog.

Fulfill all their sick desires,

indulge their Lustful whims.

THEN, the hatred of white women;

Because their men preferred you to them.

The explosion of half white children

all through out the south.

Black men sexxing white women

is not how that came about.

For the female slave

life was tough.

When the master said so,

she fucked.

All she could do was endure it

and try to hide her disgust.


You want to know why I’m crazy?

You made me this way.

You want me to get violent

so you can blow me away?

WHY? Because I’m one of the dark ones;

the kind you hate the most.

Because I’m a reminder

of the evil you did at that slave boat.


You treated the men like livestock.

You treated our women like pets

you used us in horrendous way

for the money that you could get.

You conspired to keep us ignorant.

Made it a crime to teach us to read

fully understanding that

one needs knowledge to succeed.

Jim Crow laws and Black codes

designed to keep us down.

Even though you hate us,

you still keep us around.

Our labor continues to make you rich,

you work us into the ground.

Those who rebel against you

disappear without a sound.

Yes we make you wealthy

because everything we do

is managed, owned, or controlled

by people who look like you.

Sports, entertainment, music

everything is the same.

You make all the money,

all we get is fame.

When it comes to capitalism,

that’s how you play the game.

your evil exploitation

has driven me insane.


Why is the black one crazy?

White man treat us like dirt.

You say we are not human,

yet you profit from our hard work!

Why is the black one crazy?

The rich and powerful

made us this way.

The attitude that allowed slavery



Author: Malek Abdul-Mansour

Nommo Contributor