Submission: D.I.S.U.N.I.T.Y

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   Black women   

   I am a reflection of you   

   But black woman you have caused me pain like no other   

   Black sister, we are tied by our mother   

   But when I came to you for safety   

   You judged me like a stranger   

   Black woman   

   We are tied by shared space   

   But it’s been a torture chamber   

   Locking up a spirit once filled with joy   

   Yah blessed me with the freedom I’ve been praying for   

   Don’t call home for me   

   I’ve burned the bridge from you to me   

   Black women   

      We’ve torn each other’s skin like a disunioned pack of wolves   

   Why do we crucify?   

   Why do we outcast?   

   Why does my skin hang from your teeth?   

   Why does yours hang from mine?   

   Why do we kick eachother at our weakest while the world watches?   

   While the world kicks along with us?    

By: Lynzie Glover