Hillary Clinton Versus Donald Trump: Hypothetical Matchup

In Archive by Briana Tracy

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

An online poll conducted between April 4-10th askedĀ adults ages 18 and over to give their feelings about a potential election matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this November. According to the poll, Clinton still leads the Democratic field nationally with 49 percent support among Democrats and Democratic-leaners, while Trump continues to lead the Republican field by 16 points with 46 percent support among Republicans and Republican-leaners.

In a theoretical November contest where Clinton and Trump are the selected candidates, 56 percent of Cruz supporters would vote for Trump and a quarter would vote for a third party candidate should the Democratic candidate be Hillary Clinton.

When asked about Trump as the GOP nominee in November, registered voters are split between Clinton and Trump, for thirty-eight percent would vote for Clinton, thirty-six percent would vote for Trump, and the other twenty-four percent would vote for a third party candidate or abstain from voting. Though the race is tighter in a general election match-up between Clinton and Trump, a hypothetical contest between Clinton and either GOP front-runner is still very close.