UCLA Acquires Works of LA’s “Unofficial Poet Laureate”

Chrisauna Chery Archive

Photo via poets.org Recently, UCLA’s library archive celebrated the organizational efforts and arrival of works by Afrikan American writer Wanda Coleman, including her poetry and TV/Film screenplays. The campaign to bring Coleman’s work to UCLA was spearheaded by English PhD candidate Kim Calder. The intimate celebration featured anecdotes and readings of selected pieces by many of the event’s attendees. Guests …

Guest Lecturer Discusses ‘The Rebellious Life’ of Rosa Parks

Briana Tracy Archive

In elementary and high school we are told the brave and historic story of Rosa Parks and how her refusal to move from her seat on the bus changed the course of history. On Wednesday, April 27th visiting lecturer Jeanne Theoharis from Brooklyn College spoke about her biography, The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks which was published in 2013. …

Conscious Mind. Gifted Hands

Jerzy Messan Archive

About the Artist: Jerzy Messan I’m a first year, undeclared Black Bruin from Tucson, AZ who has a major love, appreciation and passion for all art forms. I’ve been drawing, painting, making music, and dancing since I was born. Working with copic markers are my favorite. But honestly, I just love expressing myself in any way, shape, or form.  

UCLA Administration Responds to White Student Union

Mia Brumfield Archive

Today UCLA Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Janina Montero released a statement in response to the creation of a UCLA White Student Union Facebook group. The Facebook group is one of more than 30 that has appeared on college campuses around the country. Other schools include UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Penn State, New York University, and the University of Missouri. Although the groups …

A Response to White Student Union

Noelani Bailey Archive

We promote, protect, and serve the broad cultural, educational, and professional interests of students of Afrikan descent at UCLA as well as in the greater Afrikan community.   You PROMOTE micro-aggressions You PROTECT yourselves from knowing about your privilege You SERVE a people who are already satisfied while most of us get the scraps you waste. That is not a …

Submission: Doin’ the Most-Colonialism

Jabril Muhammad Archive

So I’m sitting in this workshop at this conference about how the N word and the B word impact male-female relationships within the Black community, and it’s getting pretty controversial. The facilitator is presenting a case on why we shouldn’t say it anymore, how it’s no different when we use it than when slave masters did. It was only a …