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Watching the Throne

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Photo by Carla De Souza Campos via Flickr   With all the recent beef involving rappers Drake and Meek Mill, heated debate has been revolving around who is at the top of the rap game. From the barber shop, to the lunch table, everyone has an opinion about who they think is the best out.   It is undeniable, even …

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Forest Whitaker is Starting Anew

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Photo by Stephen Poff via Flickr Forest Whitaker is no stranger in taking on complex characters. However, he is trying his luck in a different way; he is undertaking the role of Erie Smith. For those unfamiliar with the character of Erie Smith, he comes from the one-act play called “Hughie” written by Eugene O’Neill. In the play, Erie Smith …

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The Elimination of the Word Diversity

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Photo by Recently, “Selma” director and UCLA alumna Ava DuVernay has given her thoughts on the lack of diversity in light of the #OscarsSoWhite. Since the nominations were announced earlier this month, there has been outrage via media about the lack of diversity and how once again every nominee is white.   While it is clear as to the frustration …

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5 Easy Tips for Getting Your Body Right Before Summer, and Keeping It That Way

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That summer body everyone craves is not a simple feat to achieve, but with discipline, hard work, and dedication it is very doable. Obtaining a body everyone wants does not happen overnight.  If you haven’t already, starting an exercise regimen now during winter is a great time to begin. It will give you optimal time for working off whatever excess …

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California Natural Gas Storage Facility Causing Major Pollution

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Photo by Earthworks via Flickr After flying his pollution detecting airplanes around California, UC Davis scientist Stephan Conley reported that that the Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon storage field has emitted high levels of methane into the air. Methane, a greenhouse gas that is significantly more detrimental to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, makes Porter Ranch, a suburban area …

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The Dangers of It “Going Down in the DM”

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The role that smartphones play in relationships is growing larger and larger. Everyday technological features are being added that decrease privacy and increase user suspicion. From iPhone read receipts, to it “going down in the DM’s,” it is hard to get away from the negative effects that cell phones and social media have on the relationships of our young generation. …

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Why are the #OscarsSoWhite?

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Photo by Cliff via Flickr On January 14th, the nominations for the 88th Academy Awards were announced. And to many’s astonishment, for the second year in a row, none of the 20 categories held an African American nominee. This could not have been due to a lack of content or talent exhibited by Black actors and actresses. There were a …