Black Business Student Association Hosts “Being Our Brother’s Keeper”

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014 UCLA’s Black Business Student Association (BBSA) will host “Being Our Brother’s Keeper: A Dynamic Discourse on Diversity,” in the Carnesales Palisades Room from 7-9 PM. This event brings President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative … read more



Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant

The Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant will celebrate its 21st year anniversary on Sunday, August 10, at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.  Pageant producer Lisa Ruffin has once again announced a nationwide registration and will select … read more

Real Talk

colorism 3

Poem: Alien Spirit

  All the Creator has to do is say be and it is. who am I to dispute with you? But my truth is just as true to me as yours is to you. Do you really want to know … read more

Youth Culture

Poem: The Veil

There are times when I am less aware of what is draped before my closed eyes. I begin to feel as if we’re both on the same side.   Acceptance is the trick that has been pulled from the magician’s … read more

Black Care

Black Men and Weaves

Following the publishing of my latest article, “Natural or Not: A Discussion on Natural Hair vs. Weaves,” many female students of color on campus approached me to further discuss this phenomenon among the Afrikan American community. In our talks, the … read more


Devin for President

Devin Murphy for USAC President

“USAC has [had] an immense history of student activism – student empowerment, and really advocating for key issues that students deal with”- Devin Murphy Are we ready to ACT? So critical of the oppression we suffer as an Afrikan-American community, … read more