Protester holding a sign. Sign reads "Black Lesbian Feminist"

The Black Sapphic

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Women are traditionally and fundamentally underrepresented, underappreciated, and devalued in societal relationships. For Black women, this is amplified with Black men’s allegiance to heterosexism, misogynoir, and any claim to the privileges of the patriarchy they cling to, adding another level to the subordination of Black women. Lesbianism, and Black lesbianism specifically, has operated as a silent phenomenon within the Black …

Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility from Nommo

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On this Trans Visibility Day, Nommo would like to celebrate the beauty and resilience of Black transgender individuals. Black trans activists have been at the center of the fight towards liberation, on the axes of race, gender identity, and sexuality. However, prioritizing the health and safety of Black trans people remains an issue across the globe. Illuminated by healthcare disparities, …

2 Months Later: What President Biden has done in his first 60 days

Kristal Ombogo News, U.S.

President Joe Biden has been in office for 60 days. Here’s what he’s done and failed to do so far. Within his first days of office, Biden signed several executive orders, many of them attempting to reverse Trump’s decisions during his term.  On his first day in office, Biden repealed Trump’s controversial travel ban that restricted migration, primarily from Muslim-majority …

Self-Cancellation: Dr. Seuss

Natalie Baltimore News, U.S., World

On March 2, the decision was made by the Dr. Seuss Foundation to stop publishing six of its titles because of its racist imagery. The books: “And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street”, “If I Ran the Zoo”, “McElligot’s Pool”, “On Beyond Zebra!”, “Scrambled Eggs Super!”, and “The Cat’s Quizzer” displayed varying degrees of offensive imagery. “And to …

Statement In Regards to UCLA student & athlete Chris Weiland

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NOMMO Newsmagazine stands with the UCLA Black Student Athlete Alliance in the demand for UCLA athletics to take immediate action and remove student Chris Weiland from the team.  Furthermore, we would like to highlight the “Principles of Intolerance,” enacted into the UC system and UCLA’s Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in 2016, and specifically Principles “i” and “j” that …

Shh! Don’t Tell My Mom: On “Slag Wars” with Topher Cusumano

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Shh! Don’t Tell My Mom,” hosts @f0luke__ & @kyafosterr sit down with Jack Angel, Sarah Isen, and writer & executive producer of Slag Wars @tophcus to discuss queer media representation and hit reality TV show “Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer.” Check it out HERE!

Daniel Kaluuya as Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. addresses a rival group. Lakeith Stanfield as William O'Neil looks over his shoulder behind Hampton.

Internal Revolution in JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH

Leilani Fu’Qua News

NOMMO was honored to be invited to a JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH (JATBM) Summit preceding the film’s highly anticipated release on February 12th.  This early access summit was awe-inspiring to young creatives, activists, and revolutionaries. As the cast of the film discussed legacy, art, pop culture, women of the movement, and the story of betrayal with the family of …

Decenter Men. They’re ruining your friendships.

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Do your friends only ever talk about what new man is in their direct messages? Are you the friend that only shares about her (straight) relationship or romantic encounters with men? You could be a victim of male identification, and you ARE entitled to financial compensation.  Male identification is the act of placing men above women, including yourself, in various …

Woman sitting on a yoga cushion in a seated position with her hands on her knees.

Self-Care as the Leading Torch

Leilani Fu’Qua News

In collaboration with the Black AIDS Institute of Los Angeles: Audre Lorde’s 1988 A Burst of Light: Essays introduced me to the concept of self care as resistance. She writes, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare,” and inspires Black youth to prioritize their health, safety, and well-being against institutional …

Black American History and the British Messiah

Mary Sutton Arts & Entertainment, News

Blackness in film is a century-old topic that grew more complex over time. It initially focused on the exclusion of Black actors, which turned to the exclusion Black actresses, and now it focuses on the exclusion of Black films in general. These movies chronicle the lives of both real and fictional Black people, and some of the greatest examples come …

Offended By My Sex Appeal

Kamea Taylor Culture, Lifestyle, Opinion

For generations, the conversation of sex within the Black community has become uncomfortable or overwhelmed with misconceptions and misinformation. The most sensitive subject within such dialogue is often the sexual experiences and sexual health of Black women. From sex work to romantic partners, Black women’s bodies are seen as commodities to be consumed yet are simultaneously devalued and shamed for …

I May Destroy You: A Groundbreaking, Black Series

Ulani Mafate Black History

It took about 191 drafts, but writer, creator, and lead actress Michaela Coel managed to create this socio-cultural paradigm of modern-day television, a nuanced opus that despite The “Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s lack of recognition (Specter, 2021),” found the spotlight in entertainment. I May Destroy You is genre-defying, packed with more relevant issues than one can detect after the first …